Why Should You Not Travel Alone?

Travelling is a fun activity. We all love to travel. We travel various places in order to get away from our hasty and busy life. Everyone gets tired of the everyday monotonous life. We all travel to get pleasure and get refreshed. Travelling is essential to all. It helps in reducing the tension and makes people happy. People get new experience and knowledge from their travel. Some people love to travel in a group whereas some people love to travel alone. Travelling in a group gives us the feeling of safety and security. Travelling alone gives the feeling of freedom.

Mostly we don’t meet with the problem when we are in city areas. The problem starts arising as we start moving off route. No one can predict when the problem arrives. It comes when it wants. Problems may differ as per the places we go. The travel is uncertain it may or may not arise during the trip. So it is better to take precautions before travelling. We should always travel with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. We may not find a travel partner for our every journey. If travelling with a travel partner is not possible then it is better to travel along with a guide or search any other travel companion.

Travelling alone may create various problems like:

1. We can get attacked by the wild animals when we travel alone along the dense forest. If we travel in a group or with travel partner there is less chance of animal attacking us. In case if we get attacked there will be the companion to help us. But if we travel alone no one will be there for help. So it is better to travel with the travel companion.

2. We can get serious health problems like acute mountain sickness, HACE, HAPE, etc when we travel in the high altitude (when we go for trekking and mountain climbing).

3. We can get a serious injury that can lead us to death.

4. We can get stuck in some dangerous problems.

5. We may lose our way.

6. In some destinations, we can get kidnapped by the local rebellions as captive,

7. We can get robbed, etc.

8. Hospitals may not be available in the off routes minor health problems can become fatal. If there is no one to care about.

The movie 127 hours (based on the true story of Aron Lee Ralston) directed by Danny Boyle also insists the traveller not to travel alone. Aron is the survivor from a canyoneering accident. He fell into a crevice in southeastern Utah. His hand stuck in the boulder. He then tried to get his right hand out of it but couldn’t. With a dull pocketknife, he cut off his right forearm to free it from the boulder. He had been trapped there for five days and seven hours. He wouldn’t have to cut his forearm had he gone for the trek with a companion. So, we should always inform our family member and friends where we are travelling. We should always search a travel partner. It is the inspiring real-life story. Everyone should watch it.

Never ever travel alone.

Checklist for Those Who Travel

The airlines allow less luggage. How can we still enjoy travel? What do we really need when we travel? Here is a list of suggested travel items for most overseas vacations.

Travel Documentation

Check that your passport and visa (if required) is current and adequate to enter your chosen destination.

Gather any health documentation (prescriptions, explanations, etc.) and insurance documentation.

Place your airline tickets, accommodation and tour vouchers in a safe place. Take a copy and place in separate luggage.

Select proper credit cards and currency that are applicable to your destination. Notify your financial institutions about your travel arrangements, so that they do not cancel your cards as a precaution.

Pack your detailed itinerary and any travel guides, language books, etc.

Make copies of (all) your travel documents and give one copy to a friend for safekeeping and keep another in your luggage.

Travel Bags

Select one travel bag for use in the cabin. It will be with you all the way! Some airlines allow a second small bag. Please check the cabin baggage allowance of all airlines that you intend to travel with. There will usually be a size limit, weight limit and a bag limit.

Select a larger piece of luggage for check-in luggage. Again the airlines have limits. If you exceed the limits, most airlines will charge exorbitantly to carry excess luggage.

Other bags to include, might be a daypack, document holder and small bag.

So what to pack?

This is where individuality comes in. The requirements vary depending on type of travel (business, leisure or sport, etc.) The length of time away from home will dictate the requirements. Nevertheless here are some suggestions:

Include travel attire taking into account the opportunities to launder and shoes depending on your chosen activities.

Take warm coats if traveling to a cold climate, wet weather gear if rain is a possibility and sun protection for hot and dry places.

If you are a photographer, choose your camera and accessories wisely as they will add weight to your luggage.

For communications, consider a cell phone, tablet (for lightness instead of a laptop) and proper charging accessories. Use your cell phone as an alarm clock to cut weight!

To improve your chance of good sleeping, take ear plugs, eye mask and small pillow.

If traveling to less modern places, take a portable door lock, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and tissues

Include a first aid pack specially created for the region that you intend to visit. Generally include something for an upset stomach, a headache, antiseptic, and some plaster and small bandages.

Plan your travel and plan what you take. You may find that you are travelling with fewer items as you travel more. Consult your travel doctor so that your first aid pack has the right items. Above all, experience the new cultures and enjoy the experience.

Travel Apps – A Route to Smart and Comfortable Journey

Today everybody is carrying technology (i.e. mobile phones and other portable digital gadgets) in their hands. They are the tools which can give you real-time information about anything, just in single click whether it’s about travelling or something else. And if you’re planning to go for a vacation or business trip, there are various travel apps to help you out. If one is installed onto your smart device, it can be helpful when you’re venturing or in the middle of the tour.

They favor you on everything, like you can book an online ticket, reserve the hotel room and dinner table, locate your presence, display your e-tickets, etc. Now most of the travel apps are offering travelers card also so that the visitor of one country can visit the other country without carrying much hard cash and enjoy the moments without exchanging the currency into the corresponding currency of the place one is planning to go. In what ways these apps can simplify your journey are explained here:-

Help to pick the best spot in specific seasons

Being a travel freak, the first thing that matters to you is the destination and the second is the place where you want to stay. Seasons play an important role about the place one wants to go. You can choose and go to your interest specific place. Travel apps are helpful to make your travel experience unique and memorable as they can suggest you the locations according to the weather conditions and your interest.

Pre-arrange your travel plans

With the help of these applications, travelling has become easy, quick and convenient. They are capable of avoiding the chances of unforeseeable complications which may come across while having the moments of fun and entertainment. You can prepare yourself mentally and otherwise to tackle the on the go challenges so that you can deal and come out of the problems comfortably. They are the means to improve transparency about route and price quotations because these are two major factors which affect travelling choice the most.

Connect the people of the world

Travelling gives a great way to connect you with the custom, culture and values of other territories of the world. They have a huge social community base where you can share your experience and connect with the other travel geeks. They bridge the gap of geographical boundaries and bring the people closer. They contain distinctive contents like videos, photos, traveler reviews, etc. to give a more clear view about the place. And it’s the reason developers are in competition to make their social presence strong on a variety of social sites.

Provide information in real-time

The Internet is an excellent source of supplying endless information to all. Since they are integrated with the World Wide Web, you can find the information in real-time from any corner of the world. You can use them to find best nearby restaurant, gather the information about the destination you’ve finalized to travel, which mode of transportation will be more convenient, etc. Besides, they also provide information about the local transportation means.

Track the location

Travel application has a full focus on the visitors’ comfort when they’re away from the home and most of them provide information provided by GIS (it’s a system which gives real-time details about specific locations). With the help of them you can track your location anywhere in the world. They can also give you details like weather conditions, distance, etc. They are smart assistance which won’t ditch you in the middle of something when you’re away from your home. This latest technology is able to track and take care of first and last mile of your tour.

Assure comfort away from home

With the help of travel apps, it is so comfortable to cross the boundary of your country as if you’re going few yards away from your home. Travel provides us a way to take a break from fast-paced life and enjoy the liberty. This is a good change which helps to regain the momentum and enthusiasm back in life and travel applications help to enjoy the joy of life.

All-in-one solution

Either you’re travelling for having fun, business work, exploring the heritage of the world, in the search of peace of mind or due to some other reasons, tourism is not only a way of spending the free time, it’s a habit and addiction to know and see the world. One travel app can consolidate all the steps like route planning, mode of travel, meal cuisines, location for accommodation under the hoop. And since there are lots of apps and sites so you can make a comparison to know which suits you better and adopt the best deal.

If a smart phone or any other smart device is in your hand, then why to visit the travel agent’s office when you can turn your device into an agent of travel information? Travel apps are having users in the millions and their usability and flexibility allow users to book the e-tickets at the last moment if they’ve made a sudden plan. There is no need to worry if you forgot your ticket because it’s there with you on your smart device. Using these smart utilities and their extended feature applications, you can take right decisions, plan your vacations before stepping forward to your trip, compare prices and services so that can get the best deal at a fair price, know the experience of the people who have visited the location where you are about to go, book the surprise vacation for your dear ones, etc.